Member Spotlight: John Da Fonte
December 5, 2018
Root Cause Analysis (RCA): The ‘Five Whys’ Method
December 11, 2018

Unimutual Membership Renewal Update

A year of several exceptional claims, plus a hardening market, has led to some changes in the structure of members’ cover.

These include an increase in our retention for property claims from $2 million to $5 million – the first such increase in over a decade – meaning the Mutual will bear the first $5 million of any property claim. This will mean it covers $3.5 million more in property claims each year on average. Our limit will also apply on an event, rather than a location, basis this year – although we have now extended it from $1.2bn to $1.5bn at no further cost to members.

Whilst the changes leave members well protected, in the current insurance market conditions they have also lead to increased contributions. To ensure that all members fully understand what cover they have purchased as a group this year, and why, we’ve filmed a short explanation: to find out the full story, watch Gerald, Christine, and Pete below, or, if you’ve got any other questions, please just get in touch.

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