Aluminium Composite Cladding Part 2 – Emerging Risk Report: Issue 85

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October 21, 2019
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November 25, 2019

Aluminium Composite Cladding Part 2 – Emerging Risk Report: Issue 85

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Putting out the fire

In part one of this report we looked at what combustible aluminium composite panelling (ACP) is – and why this material poses such a risk to your institution. Following high-profile disastrous events including the fires at Grenfell Tower in London and the Lacrosse apartments closer to home in Melbourne, there have been huge overhauls in the regulations surrounding its use. If you haven’t yet read part one, we recommend you read that first.
In this second part, we will be taking a closer look at how this risk uniquely stands to impact the higher education sector, how to establish your risk exposure and then mitigate this risk through immediate and longer-term actions, and finally a list of state-specific resources.

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Some state-specific resources can be found below, as well as some general resources to help you start the auditing process. Each Member should undertake their audit in accordance with their state’s regulation, as there are some differences between states.

GeneralInformation note for landlords and building owners of tall residential buildings with ACM cladding, Australian Government Department for Communities and Local GovernmentFlowchart and document to guide you through the process of remediation
Aluminium composite panel and other combustible facade materials, residual hazard identification / reporting protocol, Insurance Council of AustraliaInsurance Council of Australia – identification and reporting guide for non-regulation combustible aluminium cladding
NSWCombustible Cladding Regulation, NSW government planningNSW new laws regarding buildings with combustible cladding
Proposed ban on the use of certain types of aluminium composite panels, Fair Trading NSWInformation of the ban on certain aluminium composite cladding panels
Fire safety and external wall cladding, Fair Trading NSWFire safety and wall cladding information for owners, tenants, building, property or maintenance managers
QLDIntroduction of strict new cladding laws for Queensland, Hopgood Ganim LawyersA good summary of the legislation updates regarding cladding in QLD
NCBP Audit Taskforce & Safer Buildings, Queensland building and construction commissionInformation on non-confirming buildings and what to do if you think your building contains non-regulation cladding
Non-Conforming Building Products Audit Taskforce and Safer Buildings, Queensland government department of housing and public worksFurther information on the QLD safer buildings taskforce
WAState-wide cladding audit, WA government department of mines, industry regulation and safetyInformation on the WA cladding audit including helpful FAQs
New regulations to improve the safe use of combustible cladding, WA government department of mines, industry regulation and safetyInformation on the new regulations in WA
Guidance for Building Owners’ affected by External Cladding, Government of Western Australia Department of Fire and Emergency ServicesGuidance for building owners – once you are aware of combustible cladding
SAAluminium Composite Panel Building Audits, SA Planning portalInformation on the state-wide building audit
Development (Building Cladding) Variation Regulations 2018, SA governmentChanges to building cladding regulation in SA
VICCladding homepage, Victorian building authorityVIC building authority cladding portal – including information on the state-wide cladding audit, fire safety tips and rectifying buildings with non-regulation cladding
TASNon-conforming building products, TAS government consumer, building and occupational servicesGeneral overview on non-conforming building products with contact details for further guidance
NTNon-conforming building products, NT governmentAs the only state yet to take any action, we recommend you consult the resources provided by other state governments, however some information on building compliance and a contact can be found here
ACTBuilding cladding review, ACT planningInformation on the state-wide audit as well as contact information

If you’d like to read more about how to keep your buildings safe and functional, check out our “Building Risk Assessment and Resilience Guideline”

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